Austin Bonsai Society

September 2002

President's Message

by Candy Hansen

Our September meeting is usually an awful lot of fun. It is our annual auction, which is a major fund raiser for the club, and your chance to pick up some real bargains and dump some real dogs ( OOPS, I meant plants with undeveloped potential) from your own yard. Our own personal history with club auctions has had the previous owners not recognizing their own trees after only a year! Sometimes your yard has gotten crowded, or you don't have as much winter storage space as you now need. Look around your yard and bring in some poten-sai for our auction. Home baked goodies usually do very well, too. IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, BRING YOUR CHECKBOOKS!!!

It has come to our attention that there is a lot of conflicting comment on the web and otherwise about the recent visit of Masihiko Kimura to the Dallas area, which was sponsored by Dream Gardens, a private enterprise. His appearance was not endorsed by Lone Star or by Austin Bonsai Society because our by-laws prevent us from sponsoring any commercial endeavor. If anyone asks, that is all the answer needed.

Calendar of Events

Sept. 11 Monthly Meeting Annual Auction (See pg. 7 for tags)
ONLY MONEY MAKER OF THE YEAR! Bring items to auction and MONEY to buy those things that interest you.
Refreshments by: Donna Dobberfuhl David Gordon .

Sept. 18 Board Meeting
7:00 PM Zilker Garden Center

Sept. 25 Members Workshop (see pg. 3)
7:30 PM Zilker Garden Center
Refining Tropicals & wiring with Elaine White

Sept. 6-8 IBC - Deciduous Bonsai II
Rochester, New York

Sept. 21 Shohin Society of Texas
Austin, Tx.

Oct. 4-6 Int'l Stone Appreciation Sympo.
Harrisburg/Hershey, Pa.

Oct. 9 Yearling Workshop w/Joe Wait

Oct. 17-20 Golden State Bonsai Federation
Sacramento, Ca.

Nov 15-17 State Bonsai Convention
New Braunfels, Tx.

General Meeting Minutes

by David Gordon

No minutes as the joint meeting was a social event. Those that were not in attendance missed a great program and the chance to win some great rocks! Alisan was a big winner and will testify to that.

Board Meeting Minutes

by David Gordon

The monthly board meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order by President Candy Hansen at 7:00 P.M. on August 21, 2002. In attendance were Candy Hansen, Gloria Norberg, Tammy Bieri, Jim Baumann, Carl Quisenberry, David Gordon, Alisan Clarke and Chuck Ware.

The secretaries minutes from the previous board meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter. The treasurer's report was given by Pat Ware.

Old Business

The joint meeting with San Antonio on August 10, 2002, was briefly discussed. Chuck mentioned that the lecture/ demo on daiza making was excellent.

Candy mentioned that the Zilker Garden Center sent us a letter informing us that they have set up a trust fund.

New Business

Alisan will prepare some proposals for scrolls that will be used to decorate the screens that are next to the tokanoma at our annual show.

Candy will organize a nominating committee who will prepare a list of candidates for club officers for next year.

Chuck informed the board of a letter sent to him as President of LSBF from a member of the Dallas Bonsai Society regarding the Kimura workshop.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M.


Our guest artist Pat Brodie, is best known for her work with saikei, as she trained for four years at the Bonsai Saikei School in Tokyo. She will help you design a beautiful 5 tree boxwood saikei in a natural rock container created by Buddy Allen. She will also help style your crabapple and Asian Jasmine.

Our Local Talent: Yvonne Padilla has done all things involving bonsai for over 20 years, without loosing her enthusiasm. She will be conducting a bald cypress workshop with material collected by the Southeast Texas Bonsai Club.

Terry Ward has been lecturing and teaching for twenty seven years. Not only is he the editor of Texas Bonsai, but he founded the Shohin Society of Texas. He will help you with styling a native Huisache collected by the Bonsai Society of Dallas.

Chuck Ware, a retired teacher, brings such fun to his instruction that your Chinese Privet, provided by the Longview Bonsai Society, will enjoy being wired and trimmed.

Sheila Ward, a student of bonsai for over 22 years, is also co-owner of Persimmon Hill Bonsai Nursery. She will assist you in designing a Kusamono in her custom made pot.

There is another article on Marc Noelanders in the #78 issue of Bonsai Today. He studied Japanese language and literature, apprenticed in Japan, wrote a book in 1997 and has demonstrated all over Europe, Russia and Canada. He is presently custodian of the collection of the Queen of Belgium as well as that of Paul Lesniewicz's Museum in Heidelberg, Germany. You really must see the Gallery of Marc's extraordinary trees.

While you are in New Braunfels, you might have time to check out the museum on the city's main plaza. It opened in 1992 as The Hummel Museum but is now the Museum of Art and Music. It is one of 71 museums in the United States affiliated with the Smithsonian, which means they can book traveling exhibits, borrow archive pieces and provide programs for local schools and study tours.

If you are still undecided about attending The Convention, there are still Fun Shops spaces available and all workshops to observe. With so many talented artists and workshops we will have a wonderful learning experience and a fun time with old bonsai friends! See you there.


September Study Group

by Elaine White

We will review any of the former subjects (water, fertilizer, soil and insects) if there are any questions about the handouts.

The main focus of this meeting will be styling and wiring to achieve the desired results. Bring a tree or trees and wire if you have some. If not, I will bring some for you.

Few things are impossible
to diligence and skill.
Great works are performed not by strength,
but perseverance.
Samuel Johnson


Minutes of June 22, 2002 Austin Area Garden Center, Austin, Texas

President Chuck Ware called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.

Chuck called for a vote to approve the minutes. Motion was made and passed.

Pat Ware distributed the Treasurer's Report and stated that airfare expenses were up due to price increases. Pat stated that we received credit for Hal Mahoney's canceled trip, which was applied to Mary Miller's ticket. Motion was made to accept the treasury report and passed.

Mary Miller's Tour was discussed with concerns expressed regarding time frames. Most delays were due to airline flights canceled or delayed. Concern expressed about having a speaker on a holiday. A suggestion was made to provide the speaker with maps and points of interest in Texas. Mary was very well accepted and well received.

Greg Setter reported on the 2002 State Convention and stated there were 135 registrants. All workshops are full and there are waiting lists on all the workshops. The number of registrants from each club is listed below:

Austin > 33 
Dallas > 17 
Houston> 21 
San Antonio > 25 
Longview> 4 
Beaumont> 7 
Corpus Christi >6 
Fort Worth> 7 
Mexico >1 
New Mexico> 7 
Oklahoma >2 
Florida > 2 
Arizona >1 
California> 2 

Each club has one free registration. Fun workshops still have some openings.

Yvonne Padilla reported on the 2003 Symposium, which will be held in the Austin Omni Hotel located on Interstate 35. Symposium dates will be July 11 ?13, 2003. Some of the trees that will be used in the symposium are Texas natives, Trident maples, Buttonwood and trees brought by the attendees. Speakers will include Ted Matson from California, Ed Trout from Florida, Craig Setter, Butch Wilkin, Chuck Ware, Mike Hanson and Yvonne Padilla. Yvonne requested the delegates to encourage their respective clubs to participate and offer help and assistance in this program. No Insurance investigation report since John Miller was absent.

2003 Texas Speaker will be Roy Nagatoshi and his fee will be $250 per event. The fall tour will be in late September and early October. The preliminary tour schedule was distributed and revisions were discussed but voting was tabled. Delegates were asked to review the schedule with their respective clubs and to e-mail Kathleen as soon as the clubs confirms the dates.

Motion was made to appoint Terry Ward to be LSBF's delegate to the BCI Convention on July 4 ? 5th in Orlando, Florida. Motion passed.

Suggested changes to by-laws will be presented in the October meeting.

New business: Houston will host the 2004 State Convention on May 21-23 at the Omni Hotel at Interstate 20 and Eldridge Rd. Seed money was given to Houston at the meeting.

Chuck Ware handed out an e-mail received by Andy Rutledge regarding response to Dream Garden's sponsored Convention with Kimura. After a discussion, delegates told how they handled handouts for this event. Delegates stated that they informed their club members this was not an LSBF Convention to be sure it was not confused with the fall LSBF convention. None of the delegates were aware of any club members discouraging attendance to the event. Delegates agreed that no further action was needed. Chuck Ware will forward this information to the Andy Rutledge and the Dallas Club.

Pat Ware asked to give each artist for 2002 an LSBF pin. Motion passed.

Motion was made and passed to conduct the next LSBF meeting on October 12th.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.

Attendees: Bob Swindle (Abilene), Pat & Chuck Ware (Wimberley), Carl Quisenberry (Austin), Dennis Corley (Nuderland), Yvonne Padilla (Corpus Christi), Suzanne Scott (Colleyville), Buddy & Wanda Allen (Missouri City), John Denton (Conroe), Libby Huffman (San Antonio), Kathleen Williamson (Houston), Terry Ward (Austin), Greg Setter (?), and Charles Ware.

Todd Davis Secretary

PS: My personal thanks to Suzanne Scott and Yvonne Padilla for taking the minutes of this meeting in my behalf. My apologies to the delegates for missing this important meeting !

Convention Meeting

The fourth full convention committee meeting will be Friday, September 6, 2002 at 7:00 PM. This meeting will include all Austin and San Antonio members who want to be involved in our convention. The meeting will be centrally located at the Hays County Extension Office in San Marcos, just off Interstate 35.

Committee chairpersons should bring updates as to what their committees have done and what they feel needs to be done; and if they need any suggestions. All ideas will be heard and tentative scheduling will be discussed. We need all ideas and help.

Directions to Meeting:

Take IH 35 to Exit 201 - McCarty Lane.

From Austin, go to underpass and let onto Northbound access road.

From the stop sign at that underpass, go 7/10th of a mile to Clovis Barker (there is a Atkisson GMC Car Dealer on the corner), turn right onto Clovis Barker.

At 2/10ths of a mile there is a road on the left, PASS IT, and go another 2/10ths of a mile to the next road on the left (Civic Center Loop). The extension office is on the corner on the left - THE ONLY BUILDING THERE. You can't miss it!

Web site
for the

November 15, 16, 17, 2002

Put this date on your calendar and circle it!
Plan your vacation at that time!
Austin and San Antonio are combining with LSBF to have the State Convention at that time. It will be held at the Civic Center in New Braunfels. All members in BOTH clubs will be working with each other to make this a success. Everyone is excited about this new concept initiated at this Convention.

Offer your help and support!!!!!!
A Convenient Time Chart is Available for you to Choose your Time

Show Chairpersons: Chuck & Pat Ware 512-847-2514

Registration Chairpersons: Greg & Sheila Setter 512-261-0430

Treasurer: Arlene Hastings 512-345-7028

Vendor Chairpersons: Mike & Candy Hansen 512-244-3240

Goodie Bag Chairperson: Libby Huffman 830-216-5939

Co-Chairperson: Sherry Westra 512-301-5957

Exhibit Chairperson: Marty Klajnowski 210-650-4242

Co-Chairperson: David Gordon 512-292-3265

Transport/Hospitality Ch.: Paul Tyler 210-681-8034

Co-Chairperson: Larry Gfeller 512-343-0588 ext.11

Publicity Chairperson: Elaine White 512-266-2655

Raffle Chairperson: Gloria Norberg 512-836-3001

Co-chairperson: Alfred Lopez 210-432-0742

Monitor Chairperson: Donna Dobberfuhl 210-653-2062

Co-chairpersons: Audrey Lanier 512-450-6148

Charlotte Cranberg 512-327-1794

Food Chairperson: Sandra Vitone 512-459-0394

Co-chairperson: Mary Martini 210-545-1381

Logo/theme Chairperson: Jim Baumann (Jimbo) 512-443-5685
Co-chairpersons: Jordan Merson 210-826-7087

Alisan Clarke 512-327-3168

On Site Logistics Ch.: Ron Westra 512-301-5957

Webpage Design: Jim Allan 512-453-7273

Fun Shop Chairperson: Terry Ward 512-280-5575