Austin Bonsai Society

October 2000

President's Message

Alisan Clarke

Our auction this year was a wonderful success. Many thanks to all for the funds, fun and funny skits. Seems I missed the retirement of Audrey's #1 card for her long time bonsai Austin participation. Something about working with little pots back in 1956? Special thanks to Bill Cody and his popular hot item trees. I understand the auction was a little racy, trying to get the best trees. 

Sherri Westra needs to step down from her refreshments job. Thanks for helping me these last busy months, Sherri. I would love to have someone help me with this again as it will free me to visit and hear your concerns during the 30 minutes before meeting time. 

Gloria Norberg will be asking for names of those to help with our board this next year. Don't be shy. New members are very, very welcome. We have at least 20 volunteers who keep our club going. Without their constant work from name tags to library reports, hands on study group to advice for new members at meeting time, everyone helps. 

Our phone callers are trying to get to everyone to remind you of our workshops and meetings. Please check the newsletter, just in case we only get your machine. 

Calendar of Events

Oct. 14 Monthly Meeting 
This is Saturday!!!!!! 
Noon to 4 PM 
Herb Gustafson workshop 
5:00 PM to 6 PM Dinner & Meeting 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM 
Herb Gustafson Lecture/Demo 
Zilker Garden Center 
Refreshments by: Everyone

Oct. 18 
Board Meeting 
7:00 pm Zilker Garden Center 

Oct. 25 
NO members workshop

Nov. 3,4,5, & 6 
Golden State Bonsai Fed. 
Oakland, California 


January 14 
Club Dig 

January 21 
Club Dig 

March 23-25 
LSBF in Dallas 

Mar. 3l - Apr. 1 
Zilker Garden Festival 

April 12-15 
ABS in New Orleans 

May 19-20 
Austin's Annual Show 

May 31-June 4 
4th World Conv. in Germany 

General Meeting Minutes 

Jim Allan, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. He reminded everyone about the workshops with Dennis Makishima and Herb Gustafson. 

Elaine White spoke on the permanent exhibit which will officially be called the Texas State Bonsai Exhibit. The area has been staked off, a surveyor will be working, possibly, September 23 or 30; AND there is the chance that he will donate all or part of his $1,000 to $1,500. fee. Articles of incorporation are ready to be sent but have to be approved by this membership; so, they are published elsewhere in this newsletter and the vote will be taken before Mr. Gustafson starts his lecture/demo on October 14th. 

Jim Allan then advised that the board recommended that we donate $1,000.00 to the permanent exhibit. Chuck Ware made the motion that we do so and Roger Patterson seconded. The motion carried unanimously. Then the subject of the directors was brought up Chuck Ware made the motion that John Pittenger, Bill Cody, Elaine White, Alisan Clarke, Audry Lanier, Mike & Candy Hansen, Terry and Shelia Ward be nominated as directors. Roger Patterson seconded and the motion carried unanimously. 

Gloria Norberg announced that Shelia Ward and Mike Hansen were on the nominating committee with her and that they would present the slate of officers at the October meeting. 

Just as the auction was to begin, Audry Lanier and Don Rehberg were satirically "honored" for their long time commitment to the club. The auction then proceeded without incident and enjoyed by all.

Herb Gustafson 

Mr. Gustafson started studying bonsai 45 years ago. He has completed apprenticeships in China and Japan under the guidance of Toshio Kawamoto, Tom Yamamoto, We Ye-Sun, T'ai Ichi Katayama and Kenji Murata. He was honored to be asked to care for some the National Treasures of Japan as well as the private personal bonsai collection of Emperor Hirohito inside the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Mr. Gustafson's personal collection of bonsai has 3 trees over one thousand years old, including the oldest known bonsai in the world at 1392 years of age. 

He has lectured on bonsai in over 30 countries around the world and has appeared on radio and television programs teaching bonsai, including the syndicated "Ask an Expert" public information program broadcast nationwide. He has taught bonsai for 22 years at Portland Community College, Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. He is a certified U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Advanced Master Gardener and has taught landscaping and ornamental horticulture through the Oregon State Agriculture Extension Service. He is the past president of the Portland Bonsai Society, Honorary Life Member of the Bay Area Bonsai Society, past president of the Eugene Bonsai Society and is now serving his third term as Director of Bonsai Clubs International. 

Herb is credited for being the most published bonsai author in the world. His 18 published works also include Penjing, Pensai, Saikei, Bonseki, Bonkei, Suiseki and Japanese Garden Design.

 Hobbies include singing opera, composing music on his synthesizer, golf, and cooking. He is a recent graduate of the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, and is working on his next book; a cookbook extolling the virtues of Pacific Northwest seafood.

Board Meeting Minutes

by Charlotte Cranberg

The September board meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order on September 20, 2000, at 7:30 PM at the Austin Area Garden Center by President Alisan Clarke. Present wee Alisan Clarke, Gloria Norberg, Pat and Chuck Ware, Jim Allan, and Charlotte Cranberg. 

Treasurer, Pat Ware announced that the auction earned the club the amount of $1,169.00. The board then thanked all who donated and purchased items.

The newsletter was discussed and it was decided to include the full Articles of Incorporation of The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit in the next newsletter even if the addition pages raised the cost of postage. The membership will vote on this before Mr. Gustafson's lecture/demo. 

Gloria reported that she and her committee have the slate of officers almost complete to be presented just before Mr. Gustafson's lecture/demo so that the membership will be able to vote at the November meeting. Of course, any nominations from the floor will be accepted at the October meeting. 

It was voted to dispense with having the bank return cancelled checks to the treasurer. A change in bank policy is now costing the club $2.00 a month for this service. 

The treasurer reported a total of 69 memberships (the number of people is increased when you include spouses), which is the highest membership she has record of. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.


The following new members are eligible for a special free workshop that will be at the November meeting. Please contact Alisan Clarke or Pat Ware if you will be attending - we need to be sure we have trees for everyone.

  • Del DeLos Santos
  • Larry Geller
  • Rita Matthews
  • Andrew McDonald
  • Gloria Norberg
  • Roberta Preston
  • Cliff Rainey
  • Michael & Terry Swenson
  • Els Ulug
  • Chris Van Voorhees
  • Ron & Sherri Westra

The November meeting will be divided and this is the club's way of saying "thank you" for continuing your membership with us, and hope you will be with us for many years to come. 

Don't forget! 
Bring a covered dish to the October barbecue! 
The sign up sheet was forgotten in the enthusiasm of the auction - so everyone bring SOMETHING

 If you haven't signed up for the workshop on Saturday afternoon, do so! There are a couple of spots left to learn how to do saikei. You read about it in last month's newsletter, now learn how to do it. Contact any of our many vendors if you need material or need advise as to what to bring. Of course, members may observe silently for free.

Calm days. 
The swift years 

First and Last...Enjoy Your Bonsai

Bonsai are meant to be enjoyed. From the inception of the idea for a possible form to the tree itself many seasons and years later, a bonsai is an object of enjoyment. This is the first paragraph of an article written by Bill Goslin in the San Antonio newsletter Snips 'N Clips, October 2000 Something for all of us to think about and ponder as we go forward in our hobby.


If you haven't been contacted about serving on the board of this organization, and you wish to do so, contact Gloria Norberg OR nominate yourself from the floor at the October meeting -- that is the only time nominations can be taken from the floor! Participate! You'll enjoy it! 

November 15, 16, 17, 2002 

Offer your help and support!!!!!! 

  • Show Chairpersons: Chuck & Pat Ware 
  • Registration Chairpersons: Greg & Shelia Setter 
  • Treasurer: Arlene Hastings 
  • Vendor Chairpersons: Mike & Candy Hansen 
  • Goodie Bag Chairperson: Libby Huffman 
  • Exhibit Chairperson: Marty Klajnowski 
  • Transport/Hospitality Chairperson: Gary Martilla 
    Co-Chairperson: Rachel Cynwinski 
  • Publicity Chairperson: Elaine White 
  • Raffle Chairperson: Gloria Norberg 
    Co-chairperson: Alfred Lopez 
  • Monitor Chairperson: Jeff Holmes 
    Co-chairpersons: Audrey Lanier Charlotte Cranberg 
  • Food Chairperson: Sandra Vitone 
    Co-chairperson: Mary Martini 
  • Logo/theme Chairperson: Jim Bauman (Jimbo) 
    Co-chairpersons: Jordan Merson Alisan Clarke

Editors'Note: Thought this might get some of you enthused about the digs that we will be having in January. Be sure you come out and participate; although not as "exciting"as this story, I'm sure.

Blood Rush

by Glenn Lewis

It seems that if I'm having fun, I mean if the tingle is there, somebody's law is being broken. I felt this as Dr. Folse' skiff rounded the river's bend as we skirted the sand bar. When we cast off at first light, the weather was perfect - cool with a lot of ground moisture and the air was crisp. 

We were looking for any plant that was not long and leggy. The type of plant that has my interest looks as if the I.R.S. has just done a number on it - a bit in shock, stunted and a little low to the ground. 

The Nueces River in South Texas produces Cedar Elms (Ulmus crassifloria), Jerusalem Thorn (Parkinsonia aculeata L.) and Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis L.) fitting it the criteria. Paranoia set in when I recognized Scott, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Warden, poling his skiff in our direction. I wasn't too concerned about the cat and mouse game about to begin. The boat equipment and papers were in order. The confusion would be in who owns what - does private property end at the vegetation line or center flow? "Be nice, Jocko", I whispered to Glenda's black Lab while snapping is chain to the rail. The guard hairs on his back were standing on end. "Watcha doin'?" With a rush of blood, the difficult task of explaining bonsai began. I was mumbling about being Past President of a club, having shown miniature trees at the Flower Show and Museum of Oriental Cultures. I was getting nowhere with the question. Stunted trees - that's it - we are looking for stun--. He looked at his buddy and smiled. I felt like turning the dog loose. The two skiffs were now well in the current, slowly drifting in the center of the stream for the Gulf of Mexico. Looking up on the bank was a stand of Cedar Elms, perhaps 5 or 9, in winter silhouette. What a group! A strong center upright tree with the others growing out and away, grasping for their share of this good earth. Damn, I wish I could duplicate that in a tray. 

"Look, Scott, we're collecting trees that are naturally, in nature, being abused and deprived. No one wants them, not even the Governor." He took his push pole and eased the two boats apart and said, "I don't know whatcha doin" but have fun. I was still trying to convince myself about doing plants a favor as he slowly pulled from sight. 

The trees on the Nueces do not have it easy, with people and industrial pollution. Both the river and plants have suffered. When a Texas "blue norther" blows in, dumping 4 inches of rain with high winds, the river can roar. The discarded roofing material and sleeper sofas scraping the banks do a lot of pruning. This condition interests me, for the trees have low branches and the ever changing river bank leaves some tap roots exposed. The digging is simple, since the clay contributes to a tight root ball. The old, exposed roots, when cut and treated with hormone and treated as a green stick cutting, sprout feeder roots right away. 

At the end of collecting in an area, notes should be taken of equipment, conditions and needs for future outings. Collecting is a real effort, so do it right. 

The next group of trees to be liberated are oaks growing on a sandy dune, worn from time and the ever present southeast bay wind. I feel the tingle and know Jocko is saying, "Let's go, Boos." As I throttle the whaler upon plane, I slowly look over my shoulder and watch the beautiful rays of the early morning sun. I'm just feeling good. 

Reprinted from Texas Bonsai, publication of LSBF, Summer, 1987 and February, 1987 newsletter of Corpus Christi Bonsai Club.

 We will be voting on the Articles listed below just before the Gustafson lecture/demo. Please read so you will be informed!


Pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Non-profit Corporation Act, the undersigned corporation (the Corporation) adopts these Articles for the regulation and management of its affairs.

Article I. The name of the organization shall be The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit. It shall be located within the boundary of Zilker Botanical Gardens, 2220 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Tx. 78746. Its Charter number is ______________________.

Article II. The period of duration is perpetual.

Article III. Purpose of the Corporation. The Corporations is a non-profit Corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposed within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. Its Purpose is to:

  1. Provide a permanent display of bonsai.
  2. Stimulate interest in and appreciation of bonsai.
  3. Provide educational displays, information about the art of bonsai and the horticultural aspects of different species.

Article IV. Membership.

Section l. This corporation shall be self-governing, non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit in accordance with 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2. Membership is available to anyone interested in the art of bonsai. No one shall be denied membership in this corporation based on their race, color, sex or creed

Section 3. Membership shall be by application and payment of annual dues.

Section 4. Classes of non-voting memberships.

  1. Individual Membership.
  2. Family Membership, defined as immediate family, all living at the same address.
  3. Honorary Membership. The Board of Directors may designate certain individuals as Honorary Members in recognition of the past and current achievements of those individuals in the art and science of bonsai on either a local or national level.
  4. Donors. Donors are individual members or member clubs recognized for special contributions to the corporation.

Section 5. Voting Membership. Voting members shall be the Officers and Directors of the Corporation and all members in good standing of the Austin Bonsai Society.

Section 6. Liability of members.

  1. All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against this corporation shall look solely to the funds and property of the corporation for payment of any such contract, claim, debt, judgment or any money that may in any way become due from this corporation.
  2. Neither the members of this corporation now the Board of Directors shall be personally liable for any debts, liabilities, or obligations of the corporation.
  3. This organization is a non-profit society, the members of which shall not be entitled to or share rights in this corporation but such rights and assets shall be held and constituted to be the indivisible property of the corporation. No pecuniary profits or payments of like nature shall ever be declared or paid to the members of this corporation.

Article V. Meetings.

Section 1. Annual Meeting. An annual meeting of the Corporation voting membership shall be held annually in accordance with the by-laws to present annual reports from the officers on the state of the Corporation to elect the Board of Directors, and present the budget.

Section 2. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting members present at the time of the vote.

Section 3. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called when necessary at a place and time convenient to most.

Section 4. Roberts Rules of Order shall be the governing rules for conducting all meetings.

Article VI. Elections.

Section 1. The Corporation is managed by the Board of Directors as elected by the voting member ship. The number of directors shall be no less than four and be determined by the board as necessary.

Section 2. The names and addresses of the initial Board of Directors and successors as elected un der Article VI, Sect . 3. are as follows:

  • Elaine White
  • Terry Ward
  • John Pittenger 
  • Shelia Ward
  • Alisan Clarke
  • Mike Hansen
  • Audrey Lanier
  • Dr. Candy Hansen
  • J.R. (Bill) Cody, MD

Section 3. Selection of Officers. The officers, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the Board of Directors each year no later than 90 days after the annual meeting. 

Section 4. Removal. Any officer or director may be removed by the affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors.

Article VII. Duties of officers.

Section 1. 
Chairman - shall preside at all meeting of the Board of Directors and may form commit- tees as needed. 
Vice-Chairman - presides in the absence of the Chairman 
Secretary - shall record and file minutes of the meetings of the board and the annual meeting requiring a vote and shall conduct all correspondence required by the corporation. 
Treasurer - shall be responsible for the collection of dues, donations and other funds of the corporation as well as a list of membership and donors. A record shall be kept of all receipts and disbursements and a summary provided at each meeting. An annual financial report shall be prepared for the November general membership meeting. A tax return shall be filed as necessary.

Article VIII. Finance

Section 1. Fiscal year. The fiscal year and the calendar year shall be the same.

Section 2. Dues. The Board of Directors shall determine the membership fees. Dues not paid 60 days after January 1st. shall be delinquent and membership automatically canceled. If member ship ceases for any reason, no refund shall be made.

Section 3. Expenditures. Any expenditure of funds shall first be presented to the Officers for approval. Any expenditure over $500. shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Expenditures made without the aforementioned approval shall be made at the individuals personal risk.

Section 4. Contracts. Unless authorized by the Board, no officer or member shall have authority to bind the corporation by contract or agreement or render it liable for any purpose or for any amount.

Section 5. Payments. All checks, drafts and orders for the payment of money issued in the name of the corporation shall be signed by the Treasurer or Chairman in the Treasurers absence.

Section 6. Financial Audits. A financial audit of the Treasurers' books shall be required upon transfer ring the books from one treasurer to another and at the close of the Corporations' fiscal year. Such audit will be performed by a committee appointed by the Chairman consisting of three members of the Corporation in good standing.

Section 7. Budget. The Treasurer shall submit a Board approved binding annual budget for the coming fiscal year to the voting membership for their approval at the annual business meeting. The changes will be done in accordance with the bylaws.

Article IX. Name usage. 

The name, The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit, shall never be used by any persons, firms or corporations without the written permission of the Board of Directors.

Article X. Amendments. Amendments are discouraged and may be permitted only as required.

Section 1. These Articles may be amended at any meeting of the voting membership provided that notice of such meeting and its purpose shall have been given to all members in good standing of the Corporation at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of such meeting. The Secretary shall make all reasonable effort to contact each member. The proposed amendment shall have been approved by a majority of the Directors present and voting at a regular meeting of the Board prior to the giving of notice to the membership.

Section 2. A minimum of three months must elapse between a meeting defeating a proposed amendment and a new proposal to approve the same or a substantially the same amendment.

Article XI. Dissolution. In the event the voting membership and Directors conclude that the organization can no longer function in the manner provided in these articles, it shall be dissolved.

Section l. Procedure. The corporation may be dissolved and the assets distributed by a vole of a majority of all current voting members, which will constitute a quorum.

Section 2. Distribution of Assets. All assets remaining after payment of any debts shall be transferred to the Austin Bonsai Society or another non-profit bonsai organization or organizations in the State of Texas, having tax exempt status under the existing provisions of the Texas Non- Profit Corporation Act.

Article XII. By-laws. By-laws of the Corporation shall be drawn by the Director for the government of this Corporation.