Austin Bonsai Society

November 2002

President’s Message

by Candy Hansen

The November meeting will be an important and interesting one for us. It is the month we have the opportunity to exercise our responsibilities to our country by voting, for State and National offices, and for our Bonsai Society's new officers. We will also vote on the budget for the coming year.

The Nov. meeting will be the last time to get Convention details worked out, so if you haven't yet signed up to work someplace, check the schedule with Pat at the meeting, and plug yourself in!!

We will also have the opportunity to meet and get to know Marc Noelanders, at supper before the meeting, and during the meeting when he will do a presentation for us. See more details elsewhere in the newsletter.

It you can't come to the meeting, vote by mailing your ballot in, but we'd like to see you there!

Calendar of Events

Nov. 13 Monthly Meeting (see pg.5)
Marc Noelanders speaking
“Bonsai in Europe”
Refreshments by:
Liz Cody
Gloria Norberg

Nov. 14 Set up at Civic Center
All help is needed!!!

Nov 15-17 State Bonsai Convention
New Braunfels, Tx.

Nov. 20 Board Meeting
7:00 PM
Zilker Garden Center

Nov. 27 No Members Workshop

Dec. 7 Christmas Party
This is a Saturday!!! at Elaine White’s home

July 3-5 Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Assn.

Cincinnati, Ohio

July 11-13 LSBF Symposium
Austin, Tx.

Sept. 5-8 BCI in Taiwan

General Meeting Minutes

David Gordon

The October 2002 meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order by President Candy Hansen at 7:30 P.M. on October 9, 2002.

The minutes from the previous meeting was approved by the membership as written in the newsletter.

Pat Ware gave the treasurer's report. We made $1734.00 from the September auction.

Chuck Ware announced that we need moss for the LSBF convention. If anyone has any extra moss their donation would be appreciated.

It was announced that the meeting for the fourth Wednesday of this month will be a continuation of Mike's pine class. All members are welcome, even if they do not have a pine tree.

The formal display was a display of Suiseki by club members Sheila Ward, Terry Ward, Pat Ware and Chuck Ware.

New Business

Del De Los Santos, the chairman of the nominating committee, announced the slate of officers for next year. They are Glenda Konopka for President, David Gordon for Vice-president, Pat Ware for Treasurer, Del De Los Santos for Secretary, Carl Quisenberry, Member at Large, Connie King, Member at Large and Larry Gfeller, Member at Large.

Gloria announced the activity for the evening; the New Members Workshop directed by Joe Wait. Members not involved in the workshop were invited to watch a video of our annual show.

Meeting was adjourned by President Candy Hansen at 9:30 P.M.

Board Meeting Minutes

David Gordon

The October meeting for the Board of Directors for the Austin Bonsai Society was held on October 16, 2002.

Board members present were President Candy Hansen, Vice-president Gloria Norberg, Treasurer Pat Ware, Secretary David Gordon, and Members at Large Jim Baumann, Carl Quisenberry and Tammy Bieri. Club members present were Chuck Ware and Glenda Konopka.

The minutes from the previous board meeting were approved as written in the newsletter with the correction that Chuck Ware is a club member present at the meeting.

Treasurer report was given by Pat Ware.

Pat Ware reported that the Garden Center is purchasing items for the operating the kitchen. They would like a donation. Gloria made a motion that we donate $50. This was seconded by Jim Baumann and unanimously approved by the board.

The Garden Center is having a 50 year celebration and would like historical information from the clubs. The club will ask Audrey to help clarify the Austin Bonsai Society's history.

Old Business

Marc Noelanders will speak at our next meeting. He will give on talk on Bonsai in Europe. Vito's program on winterizing will be postponed. A no host dinner will be held at the Green Mesquite at 5:00 P.M. Everyone is welcome.

Pat discussed the anniversary coffee cups we have left over from our anniversary party. We will sell at the convention for $5.00 each.

Candy announced that Tammy Bieri has decided to run for treasurer. She requested her name be placed on the ballot.

The proposed 2003 budget for the club was presented by treasurer Pat Ware. Adjustments were made by the board and Gloria made the motion that we accept the budget. This was seconded by Carl Quisenberry and approved by the board. The budget will be presented to the club for discussion at the November meeting.

Meeting was adjourned by President Candy at 8:45 P.M.

Editor’s Apology

In our last issue, I printed the incorrect date for Vito Megna’s program.. I deeply apologize to Vito, as I understand he came prepared to give a program, for any inconvenience that I caused him.


The approach to the New Braunfels Civic Center has a change.

USE EXIT 189 or 188
STAY ON THE EXIT ROAD TO S. SEGUIN STREET (which is the first light after you go over the river/bridge - highway sign to business district or 46W)
If you are coming from the South, exit 187 is still there, so the map is correct.

October Austin Area Garden Council Meeting

Charlotte Cranberg

The gardens need your help! If you can volunteer to work call Tommie Clayton at 481-8256 *3 or 601-3200. If you are interested in horticulture a group will be meeting every Thursday to work in a different garden. Help is needed for special events like the Yule Fest and of course the education program needs docents and the office needs help at certain times. A good option for us is a fall training session for docents on “Nature and Spirit of Japanese Gardens”. So call Tommie and get your name in the data base to work whenever you want and however long you care to. You will be rewarded with good companionship, new friends and the gratefulness of the citizens and gardeners of this city.

There will be a kitchen shower on Nov. 6 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Garden Center. Each club, it is hoped, will give something and members of course may give on their own if they wish. Call me for a list of items needed and a price range.

A book is being put together called “Fifty Remarkable Years” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Center next year. If you have any stories or contributions please send them to Tommye Zettner before next spring.

Volunteer day for the UT students is October 19th. If you have any bonsai work they could do for the club let me know.

Gift certificates are available from the garden shop. Wanda will even mail them to you so you can order over the phone. Great Christmas idea!

Moon Festival will be October 20th from 7 P.M. until 9 P.M.. There will be Japanese music, tea and treats in the Japanese garden. Celebrate the full harvest moon and a tradition that dates back to the Heian period (794-1185 A.D.)

October 20th- Sale of excess small Koi from the Japanese garden ponds from 9:30-2:30.

November 9th - Orchid workshop 9 to 12. Free orchid to each attendee.

A bylaws change is in the works for next month. It has to do with reducing the number needed to have a quorum. See me if you want more info or input on this.

A trust was created with some of the center’s funds. See me if you want more details.

A cottage garden will be installed by the Master Gardeners in the bed along the trail just above the rose garden. This is a prime spot for weddings and should be complete by next spring.

And don’t forget to give me your volunteer hours!

If all difficulties were known
at the outset of a long journey,
most of us would never start out at all.

Dan Rather

Program Change

The program, as listed in your directory, has been changed. Vito will not be doing his winterizing program as published. We thank him for graciously giving up his time so that we may hear from Marc Noelanders, who is from Belgium, who will discuss European trends in Bonsai. Marc has studied extensively in Japan under noted Japanese artists, including Kimura. He has been recognized by John Naka as having a recognizable and unique style. In his own characteristic way, he knows how to shape the trees, and show them in a new form to the world. He teaches in Great Britain or on the Continent, Russia, Canada, and the U.S.

This meeting is the night before “set up” for the Convention - if you have a truck, and can volunteer to bring things to New Braunfels, please let us know. We will be working from Noon to 8:00 PM on Thursday so everyone that can, we would appreciate your help. We also need everyone to volunteer at least 2 hours in some form on that weekend. Pat Ware has a sign up sheet and there are a variety of things you can do - pick what pleases you. Remember everyone must be registered whether it be a full registration or a daily registration of $20.00 with no meals. You get a lot for your money - full access to the whole Convention and marvelous teachers to give you new ideas, wonderful exhibit, a lot of new vendors and lots of raffles so you can come home with just what you need. And all this is less than going to a Theme Park and getting hot and dirty.


TIME: 5:00 PM
WHY: MARC NOELANDERS will be there

The restaurant is located on Barton Springs Road east of the Garden Center. Everyone pays for their own meal. They have great barbecue - the board thought this European artist should taste good Texas barbecue.

Opportunity! Opportunity!

All members who subscribe to the American Bonsai Society magazine, and have just received the latest issue, have the opportunity to have our own local “famous” artist and our European guest artist to autograph their respective articles that are in the same issue at our November meeting. Now, how often will that ever happen again!!!!!

November 15, 16, 17, 2002

Put this dates on your calendar,
circle it, and attend!

Austin and San Antonio are combining with LSBF to have the State Convention at that time. It will be held at the Civic Center in New Braunfels. All members in BOTH clubs will be working with each other to make this a success. So we need EVERYONE’S help. If you have never attended a Convention, this one is inexpensive and promises to be a lot of fun for everyone.


The Nomination Committee of the Austin Bonsai Society offers to the membership the following list of nominees for Society officers and directors for the term January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2003:

Position Nominee For Against
President Glenda Konopka    
Vice President David Gordon    
Secretary Del De Los Santos    
Treasurer Pat Ware    
Board Member at Large Larry Gfeller    
Board Member at Large Connie King    
Board Member at Large Carl Quisenberry    

Voting for the 2003 Society officers and directors will be held at the November 2002 general meeting, in person, in absentia, or by proxy. If you anticipate that you will not be able to attend that meeting, please use this ballot to vote for the candidates of your choice. If mailing an absentee ballot, please mail the ballot to Del De Los Santos, 905 Minturn Lane, Austin, Tx. 78748 in time to be received prior to the November meeting. If voting by proxy, please vote for the candidates of your choice, sign below, and send this ballot to the November meeting with the person who will vote for you.

Signed ____________________________ Dated ____________

This second line is for the second person in a family membership per Article III, Section 3B, Family Membership (Two adults).

Signed ____________________________ Dated _____________

posted: November 3, 2002