Austin Bonsai Society

August 2002

President’s Message

Candy Hansen

Summer was late in getting here, and I am not yet sure if that will prove to be good or bad for the trees. As with most things , most likely some of each. All of the natural water, (i.e. RAIN) did the rest of the world around here a lot of good. Austin is GREEN, in JULY!

This month of annual meeting with San Antonio is on Aug. 10, in San Antonio. Look for a map and other info elsewhere in the newsletter. If you did not sign up to go, but discover that you can, bring a favorite dish to share and come on anyway. It is usually a very good time, and you will get to know the people we are hosting the LSBF convention with in Nov!!

Which brings me to the convention and some thoughts I have had for you to consider. Every committee working on the convention will have a need for volunteers, some of whom have been very involved, and some of whom will only be needed for a short time during the actual convention. Please look the list of "Areas of Involvement" over and think about where you can donate some time, a little or a lot, and then call that Chairman to offer your help and/or find out what they may need you to help with. Getting really into a convention and meeting that many more people is a really neat way to expand your circle of bonsai friends and appreciation for them.

One other short request - Soon a nominating committee will be formed to find a slate of officers for our club for the next year. Consider carefully what you are able to do, and let me, or the announced committee know if you are willing to serve.

Hope to see you in San Antonio, Candy

Calendar of Events

Aug. 10 Monthly Meeting
This is a SATURDAY
Joint meeting w/ San Antonio (see pg. 3)
Guest Artist: Sean Smith (see pg. 5)
3:30 PM
Windcrest Recreation Center (map pg.9)
Refreshments by: Everyone

Aug. 21 Board Meeting
7:00 PM
Zilker Garden Center

Aug. 28 Members Workshop (see pg. 5 )
7:30 PM
Zilker Garden Center
Horticultural needs, Fertilizer, etc.
with Elaine White

Sept. 6-8 IBC - Deciduous Bonsai II
Rochester, New York

Bring Items and money!

Oct. 4-6 Int’l Stone Appreciation Sympo.
Harrisburg/Hershey, Pa.

Oct. 17-20 Golden State Bonsai Federation
Sacramento, Ca.

Nov 15-17 State Bonsai Convention
New Braunfels, Tx.

General Meeting Minutes

David Gordon

The regular July meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was brought to order by President Candy Hansen on July 10, 2002, at 7:30 P.M.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as printed in the Bonsai Newsletter.

Guests and new members were introduced.

Charlotte Cranberg was given a plague from the club to recognize her many years of dedicated service to the club. Congratulations to Charlotte.

The formal display was provided by Sheila Ward. She brought her Kingsville boxwood saikei.

It was announced that Bill Cody has received the 2002 Bonsai Club International Meritorious Service Award. He was honored for his work indexing the articles appearing in the BCI magazine. Congratulations were extended to Bill.

The Fourth Wednesday's member workshop will be led by Elaine White. Members are encouraged to bring trees to work on and trees they would like advice on for future development.

Next month's meeting will be our annual joint meeting with San Antonio. The meeting will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2002. The meeting will feature Sean Smith who will present a program on daiza carving.

There was no new business.

Gloria introduced our speaker for the evening, John Dromgoole who spoke on organic gardening and insect control. (see pg.6)

The meeting was adjourned by President Candy Hansen at 9:30 P.M.

In Memory

The bonsai world is saddened by the death of
Jerry Sorge
owner of the Bonsai Farm.
He succumbed on Friday, July 5, 2002

Board Meeting Minutes

The July 17, 2002 board meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order by President Candy Hansen at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Candy Hansen, Gloria Norberg, Pat Ware, Alisan Clarke and Chuck Ware.

The treasurer passed out copies of the trial balance and made comments regarding such.

Candy mentioned that an Italian artist was coming to the States in July of 2003. It was tabled until more information could be found out. Also, the time frame needed to be checked as the 2003 LSBF Convention is in July.

Old Business:

Candy relayed that an answer had been received from PARD regarding the letter Elaine had written about the parking during our annual show. They refused but suggested we use the parking on Stratford.

Candy reported that we will get more information later about the scrolls for next years’ show but “it is in the works”.

New Business:

Eli Rodriquez made a video of our annual show. Candy will check into the costs and report back. It was discussed to possibly show it at the October meeting.

Sheila Ward has a report on the BCI meeting and it was suggested she give it at the September meeting.

It was brought up that we should start promoting the November Convention more. It was suggested that phone numbers & email addresses of committee chairpersons be put in the newsletter.

Pat asked that 3 ABS pins be donated to the 2002 Convention for the 3 major artists. Voted to do so.

Gloria asked for suggestions for auctioneers for the September meeting. Also, brought to our attention that a nominating committee would be needed at our next board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

August Program Notes


It’s our annual picnic and social with the San Antonio Bonsai Society. It will take place at the Windcrest Recreational Center, 9806 Jim Seal Dr.. To make sure there is plenty of good food everyone attending should bring a covered dish to share with ten others. If you forgot to sign up, bring something with you and you will be forgiven. The entrée’ is usually an assortment of barbecue. This is a great opportunity to enjoy good food and get better acquainted with our friends from San Antonio. If that’s not enough, we are having a renowned special guest, Mr. Sean Smith. He has gained international recognition as an authority and collector of Suiseki. He is especially noted for his talent at carving daiza. He will be doing a workshop and a lecture/demonstration of diaza carving. The workshop will begin at 10:00 AM outside the rec. center. Observers are welcome. The lecture/demonstration will begin after our meal. The meal is to begin between 3:30 and 4:00 PM. For more details on the workshop see page 5. We are planning on having a small display of viewing stones and suiseki to better acquaint you with the art. Members having suiseki are asked to bring them for display. Bonsai and Suiseki go hand and hand. Mr. Smith has generously offered to donate the suiseki and daiza (wooden stand) he creates for the stone to our raffle. There will be a few other raffle items to go with his, so bring a little money with you. You might get lucky.

The, not too serious, BCI CONVENTION HAPPENINGS.

by: Bill Cody

The registration table was slightly disoriented early Thursday morning but they admitted that they had be stuffing envelops until 0400 but the scuffle was not a real problem.

They seemed to have a raffle beginning and ending every hour on the hour. Really, seemed to have several every day or maybe it was one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Many, many items available. The usual mix of good and not so good items. I must admit that I was not interested so didn't notice to closely.

The demo materials were not too challenging to the artists on hand, at least, the ones that I stayed for. Several were tropicals. Not too much to do to a buttonwood or a bald cypress.

Mr. Kobayashi seemed to be very interested in teaching rather than just doing a Kimura type performance. Kept showing pictures of his home, his bonsai museum and his four major-event winning trees. Said that he could not keep his bonsai at home if it were not for his wife (big surprise, huh!). She keeps him toeing the line--can't remember his phrase--so to speak. Also allowed that the reason that he is smiling so much in all the pictures you see of him and that he has such rosy cheeks in the pictures is that: "I like to drink." That said with a big grin and rosy cheeks.

The material provided for Kimura in Dallas this spring was quite superior and challenging tho didn't appear so to that guy.

The Peabody ducks were a big hit with all who crowded around to see them enter and leave the lobby, via a red carpet and the "King Cotton March," herded somewhat by the DuckMeister. The Memphis Peabody ducks (the originals in the early 1030s) did not enter via a red carpet in the mid-1930s. Some black fellow herded them thru the lobby with a broom. They were as well behaved as these Orlando ducks were. The Memphis ducks knew that if they misbehaved, they would be back out in the rice paddies as live decoys--and okay practice in the old days. They also knew that if their hunter didn't get any wild ducks on a given day, they just might end up on the table themselves.

One great big fellow, who appeared not to know exactly what was going on, made the comment, "Where are they marching them off to, the kitchen?"

Thought that overall the workshop material was consistently quite good. Not much to do to buttonwoods except snip off a few, if any, branches and wire what's left. Same with bald cypress, except, you get to use your motor tool carving the struck-by-lightening apex. The yaupon were so well pre-bonsaied by the person who supplied them, that there was nothing to do but choose the front and put them in to a container for display. Very nice material but much too small to be a real bonsai! Sheesh!


This year’s get together is being hosted by San Antonio. We have made arrangements to have Sean Smith as our special guest artist. Mr. Smith is a well known authority and collector of Suiseki in the USA. His talent for carving daiza has gained him international recognition. He is proprietor of Custom Oriental Woodcraft and presents lectures, demonstrations, as well as exhibits his stones and daiza in the USA and Europe. He is scheduled to demonstrate carving a daiza at BCI 2002 during the July convention in Orlando, Fla.

He has agreed to do a workshop and a lecture demonstration of daiza carving on the day of our get together, Sat 10 Aug. 2002. The workshop will be for 4 hours beginning at 10:00 AM for a maximum of 8 people. The lecture/demonstration will follow our meal, which is scheduled to begin between 3:30 and 4:00 PM. Both functions will be at the Windcrest Rec. Center. We would like to offer our friends of the Austin club 4 of the workshop slots. The cost for the workshop will be $50.00 per person. Mr. Smith has said that he would provide a quality stone for any workshop participants who did not have a good stone of their own. His stones are normally $50.00. He is offering us a special price of $30.00. He provides the wood as part of the workshop cost. Participants need to have a Dremel carving tool or it’s equivalent.

Let Pat Ware know if you are interested and she will get the money to San Antonio. We will need to have the list by 31 July. Also, if you want Mr. Smith to bring a stone for you, he needs to know how many extra stones he needs to bring with him.

In all things of nature
There is something of the marvelous

Bill Cody

Bill has been given the well deserved Meritious Service Award from BCI at this Convention in Orlando. He compiled THE INDICES which lists all articles of all 4 bonsai magazines published in the US plus World Tropical Bonsai Forum (no longer published by Mary Miller.) and Bonsai United Kingdom through 2000.

This was truly a mind boggling task that very few would even attempt.

Well done Bill - and Thank You.

If you would like to research your trees for care or training, the Indices is a must. We have most of the magazines in our library and, if not, members may have them for you to borrow.

The Indices may be ordered on CD for $15.00.

Send a check or money order to:
BCI Business Office
P.O. Box 8445
Metairie, LA. 70011-8445
Visa and MC accepted.

Elaine - BCI Ambassador

August Study Group

by Elaine White

This month we will review Water, for those that missed last month, and continue discussing the horticultural needs of our bonsai and potensai, (potential bonsai).

We will discuss different soil, fertilizer and insects and how to control them (other than place under shoe and stomp). Bring some for identification if you like.

David Gordon’s notes:

John Dromgoole presented a very informative program at our July meeting on organic gardening and organic control of insects. Following are some of the highlights from the topics he discussed:


Compost is important for retaining moisture and providing a protective covering for trees and shrubs. There are two types of compost commonly found. One is fungal in nature and contains mainly decomposed leaves, grass clippings, and other foliage type material. The other type is bacterial and contains decomposed manure. Fungal compost, similar to the floor of an old forest, is recommended for trees. Compost should be spread over the root system and not touch the trunk of the tree.

Root Systems

Healthy root systems are critical for the development of any tree or shrub and can be developed by using a compost tea. This can be prepared by adding water to compost and then applying it to trees or shrubs. It is recommended that regular tap water not be used. It has chlorine which can be damaging to trees. Use rain water or the chlorine in tap water can be dissipated by letting the water set for 24 to 48 hours. The best compost tea can be made by oxygenating the water. This helps rid the water of chlorine and the oxygen is beneficial to the root system. Oxygenating the water for the tea can be done by running the water through a pump similar to one used for aquariums.

BioZome is a product developed by Carl Oppenheimer. It has been shown to develop healthy massive roots by increasing microbial activity.

Actinovate, which is agricultural streptomycin, colonizes root systems. This can be used on lawns in late August or September.

The major benefit to developing a healthy root system is the development of mycorrhizae which is a beneficial fungus. (Mike Hansen discussed this previously in his pine class.) In healthy roots, the mycorrhizae and the plant have a symbiotic relationship. The mycorrhizae takes its nourishment from the plant roots. In return the mycorrhizae sends out extensions which channel minerals and water back to the root system. This can dramatically
increase the overall root capacity of the plant. Some commercial fertilizers and pesticides can destroy the mycorrhizae.


Seaweed - has been found to have beneficial minerals and hormones that is especially helpful to roots. The best kind of seaweed is from the coast of Norway. It is more effective when sprayed on trees and shrubs.

Fish emulsion is one of the best organic fertilizers. It is a low source of nitrogen. "John's Recipe" is fish emulsion combined with molasses, Medina Soil Activator and seaweed.

Earth Fortune is a combination of humic acid with micronized volcanic minerals. This can be mixed in with the soil.

Nature's Aid is basalt, which is paramagnetic, and when mixed with soil, helps provide lush growth.

Terra Tonic contains humic acid which aids the extraction of minerals from the soil. It restores and maintains the natural synergy between microorganisms, humus, and soil minerals. It helps create an ideal growing medium.

Insect Control

Orange oil is an effective insecticide. Mix 2 ounces of orange oil in a gallon of water.

UltraFine is an ultra light mineral oil which is helpful for controlling insects.

Beneficial Nematodes can help control fire ants and lasts up to two years.

"B.T.," bacillus thuriagenes, helps control mosquitos. It also helps control larva and fungus.

Lady bugs help control insects. They need water and flowers, such as open- faced daises, to stay in the garden.

Nolo Bait can be used to control grasshoppers early in the season.

The best control for insects is a healthy plant. Insect problems may be a sign of poor growing conditions.

Further research on organic gardening can be found at Detailed information on organic gardening can be found on John Dromgoole's The Natural Gardener web page. Go to Natural Gardner The Natural Gardener is located at 8648 Old Bee Caves Road and can be contacted at 288-6113.

Convention Update

Sheila Setter

Regarding the convention, we currently have openings in all of the fun shops. The tree workshops are full, and we have names on the waiting lists for all tree workshops.

We are encouraging anyone who is interested in taking a tree workshop to go ahead and register for it. Since we still have several months ahead us before the convention, it is possible there may be changes in the roster, especially since several registrants have signed up for workshops that will be taking place simultaneously. To be placed on a wait list, we are requesting that the registrant submit the fee for the desired workshop. That way, we can guarantee the Wait List slot, and if a space opens up, it will also guarantee that, if I am looking for that person, s/he will ALSO be looking for ME. :) We have told each of the Wait List registrants that, if s/he is unable to participate in the workshop, we will happily credit his/her account for the workshop fee at the conclusion of the convention in November.

Web site
for the

November 15, 16, 17, 2002

Put this date on your calendar and circle it!
Plan your vacation at that time!
Austin and San Antonio are combining with LSBF to have the State Convention at that time. It will be held at the Civic Center in New Braunfels. All members in BOTH clubs will be working with each other to make this a success. Everyone is excited about this new concept initiated at this Convention.

Offer your help and support!!!!!!
A Convenient Time Chart is Available for you to Choose your Time

Show Chairpersons: Chuck & Pat Ware 512-847-2514

Registration Chairpersons: Greg & Sheila Setter 512-261-0430

Treasurer: Arlene Hastings 512-345-7028

Vendor Chairpersons: Mike & Candy Hansen 512-244-3240

Goodie Bag Chairperson: Libby Huffman 830-216-5939

Co-Chairperson: Sherry Westra 512-301-5957

Exhibit Chairperson: Marty Klajnowski 210-650-4242

Co-Chairperson: David Gordon 512-292-3265

Transport/Hospitality Ch.: Paul Tyler 210-681-8034

Co-Chairperson: Larry Gfeller 512-343-0588 ext.11

Publicity Chairperson: Elaine White 512-266-2655

Raffle Chairperson: Gloria Norberg 512-836-3001

Co-chairperson: Alfred Lopez 210-432-0742

Monitor Chairperson: Donna Dobberfuhl 210-653-2062

Co-chairpersons: Audrey Lanier 512-450-6148

Charlotte Cranberg 512-327-1794

Food Chairperson: Sandra Vitone 512-459-0394

Co-chairperson: Mary Martini 210-545-1381

Logo/theme Chairperson: Jim Baumann (Jimbo) 512-443-5685
Co-chairpersons: Jordan Merson 210-826-7087

Alisan Clarke 512-327-3168

On Site Logistics Ch.: Ron Westra 512-301-5957

Webpage Design: Jim Allan 512-453-7273

Fun Shop Chairperson: Terry Ward 512-280-5575