Austin Bonsai Society

August 2000

President's Message

Alisan Clarke

Our joint meeting is coming up soon, on Saturday, August 5th.Bring a favorite dish to share, call a friend to car pool, check this issue for the map and come to San Antonio 3 pm to 8 pm. This is always fun and San Antonio does a great job. Gloria, Charlotte, and I will try to call you all to remind you.

Next month will be our auction. I am trying to master my watering techniques while I talk to my trees an encourage them to look ahead to cooler weather.The should look good at auction time.This is always fun and will add to our club activity funds.

Check your calendar for hands on club classes and new workshops.

I sit cooling beneath it,
Looking up
At the great tree.


Calendar of Events

Aug5 This is Saturday!!!!
Joint Meeting with San Antonio
See map on pg. 3 in Newsletter

Windcrest RecreationCenter
9806 Jim Seal Drive
San Antonio, Tx.78239
 Refreshments by: Everyone

Aug 16 Board Meeting
7:00 pm
Zilker Gardens

Aug 23 Members Workshop
7:30 pm
Zilker Garden Center

Aug. 25 - 27Austin Home & Garden Show

Sept. 7 - 10 IBC - Rochester, N.Y.

Sept. 15 - 17 Pacific Northwest Conv. XI Victoria, BC

Sept.25 & 26 Dennis Makishima HERE
Dennis Makishima will be our guest artist in September brought in by the Lone Star Bonsai Federation. We will have a "bring your own tree" workshop on September 25 at a cost of $35.00 and limited to 8 people. Be sure to sign up and learn from this experienced teacher. Pine, juniper, deciduous or flowering trees would be fine to bring. He does not work with power tools or native Texas trees. He has been in bonsai for 20 years and was the past education chairman of Golden State Bonsai Fed.

 Nov. 3,4,5, & 6 Golden State Bonsai Fed. Oakland, California


 March 24-26 LSBF inDallas

 April 12-15ABS in New Orleans

 May 31-June 44th World Conv. in Germany

General Meeting Minutes

Charlotte Cranberg

President, Alisan Clarke, called the July 8, 2000 meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society to order at 6:30pm at the Zilker Garden Center following a pot luck barbecue supper and afternoon workshop with Boon Manakitivipart.

Jimbo spoke on the upcoming joint dinner meeting on August 5th in San Antonio of the two combined clubs.He also mentioned that there will be a meeting of the joint 2001 Convention meeting while there and anyone who wants to join, please come.

Alisan reported on the meeting at Zilker Botanical Gardens over the proposed permanent collection. Terry Ward provided topography map of the area and members walked the site. Photos of the Oakland, California, display were shown and an example.

 Chuck Ware introduced Boon Manakitivipart, who gave the lecture-demo on an old Yaupon Holly.The demo tree was raffled off at the end of the meeting and won by one of our new members.

Saturday, August 5, 2000
Come be a part of the novel styling of a tree for raffle. 

You might be lucky enough to win it and be the prize of your collection.

 Bring your favorite covered dish!

Directions to Windcrest Recreation Center

Take I 35 South, past 1604, Judson Road, and O'Conner Rd.
Exit Randolph Blvd.
Continue South to Crestway and turn right.
Jim Seal and the Recreation Center will be on your left just after the Stop Sign.

Board Meeting Minutes

Charlotte Cranberg

The regular meeting of the board of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order on Wednesday, July 19th at 7 PM by President, Alisan Clarke. Present were Gloria Norberg, Pat and Chuck Ware, and Charlotte Cranberg.

Treasurer, Pat Ware reported the cost of the Boon workshop and demo was $296.58 after all expenses were in.

Alisan reported on the Permanent Collection. John Pittenger will survey the land.

Pat moved that we ask the membership to approve giving increments of $1,000.00 to the Permanent Collection as funds become available. The motion passed.

Future meetings were discussed. It was decided to charge $35.00 for the Makishima workshop on Monday, September 25th.It would be limited to 8 people and will be a bring your own tree workshop.The lecture/demo will be on Tuesday the 26th.

The Herb Gustafson afternoon workshop and evening lecture/demo on Saturday, October 14th will feature saikei. The workshop will be limited to 10 people who will pay $60.00 and bring their own pot or tray, not larger than 24 inches, and bring no more than 7 or 9 trees. The club will supply the soil. There will be a barbecue covered dish dinner in between this workshop and the lecture/demo. We will, again, charge non-members $5.00 for observing and $5.00 for eating & lecture/demo.

The August 5th joint meeting with San Antonio will be a covered dish supper at 4pm, but come at 3pm, and the program will be at 5pm.

 The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

A Friendly Reminder

Start putting together items for our annual auction in September AND saving your money so you can buy even more than you bring!

"De-Japanising" Bonsai 

Fawzan Barrage
former Austin Member

The common bond between all masterpieces of art is sincerity. It is this sincerity that invokes in us a moment of epiphany; that moment of effortless discovery and joy, or what the Japanese call "Te" (unthinking, unconscious ingenuity and creative power of our spontaneous natural functioning - a power that is subdues when forces to conform to our logic). Without this sincerity, creativity is reduced to method, art to duplication and masterpieces to perfect replicas.

If we are to have a truly North American movement in Bonsai, OUR contribution to the art has to be, in every way possible, reflective of OUR reality and OUR understanding of the indigenous nature of OUR continent. Just like it is easy for the trained eye to distinguish between a bonsai trained in the Chinese method and one trained in the Japanese method, our bonsai has to be clearly identifiable by the way we adapt the classical "rules" to conform to our nature.

 It is the image of our indigenous trees that must inspire our art movement and not the photographs of bonsai from Japan. In contemplating Maples, for instance, it is more natural for us to envision a majestic Maple growing next to a farm house in New England than a Japanese grove with Mount Fuji in the background. The same holds true for our Bald Cypress, our Oaks, Elms, Figs, Junipers, Pines, etc...We all live among those trees and their shade at different time in our lives. The Japanese artists who create the bonsai at which we marvel in books and magazines take their inspiration for the indigenous nature of their islands - as we must take our's from the nature around us. I f all we do is copy the trees of Japanese artists, we would do no better than a painter dedicating his art to copying the great works of the Masters.

It is truly revealing how we will not give a second thought to endowing our bonsai displays with Japanese and Chinese figures, but scoff at the sight of a miniature tire hanging from a bonsai branch, reminiscent of many of our own backyards. Which is more sincere to our collective eye? Where in North America can you readily see a Japanese man dressed in his traditional kimono and reading a book in the shade of a Bald Cypress, Canadian Spruce or Cedar Elm?

 We musty begin to understand that the Art of Bonsai is no more exclusively Japanese or Chinese that theater and poetry are exclusively Greek. These cultures created the art forms and should always be honored for doing so. Yet, had we insisted on simply copying the Greek drams without adapting the art form to our own culture, theater would have remained stagnant and eventually disappeared. All of the masterpieces of drama and film - from Shakespeare to Scorsese - would not have come about.

 It is acceptable for a beginner to copy existing works of art in order to learn technique and method. Once we are over that stage however, Nature should be our inspiration instead of pictures in bonsai books and magazines. If you want to create a Cedar Elm bonsai, for example, visit the Hill Country of Texas and look at what Nature has done with those trees in their native setting. Barring an actual visit, have a friend photograph some of them for you. Learn the tree's growth habits, distinctive looks and study its natural shape. Take notes - all artists do. Armed with that knowledge, let your creative genius take over. The result will be on YOUR sincere interpretation of Nature, OUR bonsai art and, hopefully, our North American Bonsai Masterpiece.

Reprinted from Texas Bonsai, LSBF publication, Summer, 1991

Lightening Rod

Jan Davidson & Wanda Woods

There was once a storm raging higher and higher,
Which accidentally caught my bonsai afire.
We were all amazed,
To see such a blaze!
Oh, could I have wrapped it with too much wire?

Don't forget to give your volunteer hours to Don Rehberg

BCI 2000 Hawaii

Elaine White

Bonsai Clubs International and Hawaii Bonsai Association wee the hosts for "International Friendship into the 21st Century". The convention hotel was on the Waikiki beach of Oahu with flowering trees and huge banyans everywhere.

The large exhibit was a refined image of the outdoor landscape. Banyans with aerial roots and many trees planted on lava rock.A few landscapes needed four men to lift them. The four main islands of Hawaii had a team of 3 men each creating a landscape at the same time. Spectacular!

 There were local bonsai garden tours every afternoon, 6 total; but a very small bazaar with only 6 vendors, no trees ---surprise!---the Chinese couple selling stones that were at our Corpus Christi Convention.

The three headliners each conducted an hour critique of the exhibit trees. I signed up for Susumu Nakamura's critique and found it very informative. Terry Ward will be interested to know that he critiqued all accent plans also and changed sides of almost all of them.

Warren Hill, curator of the National Bonsai Penjing Museum in Washington, D. C. created a forest of 43 trees called "shortie" banyan. Yunhau Hu, director of the Shanghai Garden Administration Bureau, created 2 penjing on a marble slab at the same time. One showed the domination of the tree and, in the other, the rocks were dominant. In both penjing the rocks used were carved feather stone (grey lava rock). I found it very strange that Mr. Hu was even taller than Nakamura san.

 A very good convention in a beautiful state.

Chicago has withdrawn its bid for BCI 2001; so BCI will sponsor a cruise, (yes, workshops on a ship) leaving from Miami to Nassau and some points in between.

Our good friend, Solita Rosade was elected by the Directors to serve an unprecedented 2nd term as President of BCI and, another good friend, Alan Walker of Lake Charles, La. will be Executive Director.

 I will bring pictures to the Austin/San Antonio meeting on August 5, 2000.

November 15, 16, 17, 2002

Put this date on your calender and circle it!

 Plan your vacation at that time!

 Austin and San Antonio are combining with LSBF to have the State Convention at that time. It will be held at the Civic Center in New Braunfels. LSBF has formed a convention committee to have an active participation. Committee chairpersons are being named as we go to print. BUT, all members in BOTH clubs will be working with each other to make this a success. Everyone is excited about this new concept initiated at this Convention.

Come to the combined meeting with San Antonio and Meet the people who will be planning the above mentioned Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show Chairpersons: Chuck & Pat Ware
Registration Chairpersons: Greg & Shelia Setter
Treasurer: Arlene Hastings
Vendor Chairpersons: Mike & Candy Hansen
Goodie Bag Chairperson: Libby Huffman
Exhibit Chairperson: Marty Klajnowski
Transport/Hospitality Chairperson: Gary Martilla
Co-Chairperson: Rachel Cynwinski
Raffle Chairperson: Loria Norberg
    Co-chairperson: Alfred Lopez
Monitor Chairperson: Jeff Holmes
   Co-chairpersons: Audrey Lanier &  Charlotte Cranberg
Food Chairperson: Sandra Vitone
 Co-chairperson: Mary Martini

Offer your help and support!!!!!!



We need ideas for a name or theme for the  convention Please give your ideas to Chuck Ware

Attention New Members of ONE year

We are having a special free workshop just for you to encourage you to stay with us Check with Alisan to be sure you are on the list.